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No buyer request but shows active 1

Hi,I am having no buyer requests shown up for couple of days.It was fine before but now it shows that there is 1 active whereas there is no buyer request on view even when I tried refreshing.Please help to solve the problem.What should I do?


If you want you can report it to the help desk if it’s a bug.

If you click “remove” on a request it can then make the “active” total not equal the amount shown (at least for a while. After a full refresh a while later it might then match again). Also using the search option (where you can do an “or” but not an “and” search) also can make fewer results get shown than the active total shows.

You should take a screenshot of what seems to be the problem.
It may show 1 active, but that could just be a cache bug, or just not updating correctly.
If it is not showing any requests below, then there isn’t any requests.

I too had this issue on my mobile. It showed as 1 active order but when I log in to my PC there was no such thing. Next day, it showed 0 active order in app.

Yeah, this could be numerous reasons.
It could be a buyer has updated, edited, removed, or paused the request… and the UI of fiverr hasn’t updated the counter.

Try some of the following:

This could be a cache issue. Try going to your browser history and clearing the cache.

Have you tried logging in and out of Fiverr?

Have you tried using an alternate browser?

If all these fail, I wouldn’t worry heavily about this. Unless it continues to show active requests and display none. But as far as I can see. This was just an offer that you might’ve missed and the UI didn’t update.


i have same problem 5 what can do me

I am having the same problem. Some times it shows 4 active or 3 active, both on PC and mobile App.

Same for me, I have one active, it’s been 3 days now

I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but sometimes when I submit an offer, the request vanishes from the active, but the count doesn’t change.

I have the same issue. This number increases upto 4-5 in number but showing no active requests.

i also have the same issue, can anyone help.
thank you