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No buyer request comes yet!

It has been 30th days I am with Fiverr but no buyer request comes yet? What should I do?


mention your gigs number???


In your gig,
I would avoid the word “awful”, I know what you mean in your sentence, but just my 2 cents is it doesn’t help you, especially when it’s one of the first words potential buyers will see.

There are also a few grammar mistakes in your description, that may make you seem slightly unprofessional.

Bottom line is I’d focus on improving your gig description instead of focusing on buyer requests.

Wishing you the best of luck and success !

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You should Improve Your Gig tag …

Be always active and You must grow up.

You better recheck your gig category and sub category, and Update it with exact category and sub category with updating tag. Buyer request related to sub category.