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No buyer request found since first day on Fiverr!

I didn’t find any buyer request! Please help me, guide me to improve my gig or profile to get more buyer request related to my skill. Thanks :slight_smile:


As I checked your gig Is very exciting but it’s no problem, look my buyer request.

You have to know about your country time Which time Buery posting his/her job, For finding you have to spend 24 hours. I’m getting here 11am, 7pm.

One thing more Share your gig on social media with hash tag as well.


@dev_sal thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:


Please Check it would solve your problem as well as possible.


I just checking this :wink:

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tnxx bro good explan

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You should promote your gig on social media…

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@developerayesha thanks and can you explain how to do it properly? :slight_smile:

@dev_sal thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I think your suggestions will be quite helpful :sunny:

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Telling sellers to use a ‘review exchange’ group is a really bad idea. Buying and selling gigs just for a review exchange is against Fiverr’s ToS and could lead to account closure.

I can’t see the point in promoting your gig to other Fiverr sellers - are there actually buyers in those groups or just sellers?

Has this method worked well for you @dev_sal?


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