No buyer request is available


I complete a gig yesterday, successfully published , but No buyer request is available in new gig, logo design category, even not a single, while my other gig for branding working properly, any solution?


Add more skills , only four skills you added. Capture


but i am seeing buyer request in other category , why there is no buyers requests for only logo design category ?


You did not perhaps used “Logo Design” tag in your gigs


added, folloing tag
memorable, design, catchy, graphic, logo design


If no one is posting buyer request how can you see?
Create more gigs with different tags, titles


I recommend you to contact customer support and let them know about this issue. They will resolve your issue in no time


sometimes there are less buyer requests.
you can try to change your tags.


fiver support give me this massage after asking about buyer request issue …


I think the message is clear


issue resolved, thank you all