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No Buyer Request is showing from two days :(


I have no number of buyer request in my buyer request option. But why ? any specialist tell me why i can’t see any kind of buyer request since two days :frowning: ?


When you will Level 1 seller. You will see the buyer request always


Contact to the customer services for this problem.


How and when i will get Level 1?


Thankyou so much slight_smile:


When you reach the target of orders only than you can reach to the next level.


Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:



i have the same proble. I don t think is because of the levels because how can we reach level one if there aren´t any buyers requests?? didi you have some late delivieres? because i did. Maybe this is some kind of punishment fot late deliveries? - I asked but didnt get a clear and satisfying answer


it depends on buyer posting their request in around you catagory gig.
just wait and wait…
you must see the request