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No buyer request option in selling


no buyer request option in selling.what should i do?

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Try using the Chrome browser. Try refreshing the page (Ctrl+F5).

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If you go to Selling and then More you will find it in the drop down menu.


no community,selling,buying,dashboard…:cry::cry::cry::cry:

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Which device are you using? Looks like your screen is very small. Menu isn’t showing up on top because the screen is small. Click on 3 lines which are located on the left side of fiverr logo to see navigation menu.

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no buyer request option showing

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Try moving the scrollbar on the left down to under “selling” and see if the option is under selling.

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I am using windows edge and if I go to the browser settings on the right hand side and increase the “zoom” I get your screen above but if I decrease the “zoom” I can see all the options including More.

This may work for your browser.


Yes, it doesn’t show up in this menu. Try to access using a higher resolution screen or simply paste this link in the address bar your username here/requests

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If you can’t solve the problem, contact CS for more information.