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No Buyer Request Show what can i do


i don’t see any buyer Request How can i get orders …what can i do ?
any suggestion ??? :frowning:


First congrats on your first sell:)
For buyer request, refresh buyer request page in different times of the day.


i can check but mostly of the time there is no request :frowning:


There some fix times for buyer request, once you found that time
search on those timing.


Search in these timing 12 AM 1 PM 6 to 7 PM 11 to 12 PM


For see buyer request you have to select your gig category properly. And also have too add related skill in your profile.After that you will be abale see the buyer request. And another thing you can do for see lot of buyer request all time. That is you have to select one of your gig category to “other”. Thank you


Yes you are right
ectorsara you change the category of your one of gig to other .
this really help to get the buyer request all the time


:star: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Inconsistencies, Etc.) Updated July 2018 .