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No buyer request update for last 24 hours

I have updated buyer’s request many times, but there is no new for almost 28 hours, how is it possible?

Is there any issue with the services of Fiverr or something else?

Please, can anyone tell me?

i think you need to wait some time, you will surely get the orders.

Reply to @denovo8590: there hasn’t been any new buyer requests in my category since yesterday too. Maybe there’s some problem with them today. Don’t worry too much. There’s always something broken in Fiverr, but they fix things pretty fast (although breaking something else… :)) )

So I have to wait because as a new seller mostly we have to rely on buyer’s requests. . :slight_smile:

Hi there

Are you aware that you are posting your topics in the wrong category?

It should be in “Fiverr FAQ/Conversations” or it will eventually be deleted

Please make changes to avoid being banned from the forum or account suspension

P.S. The buyer request tends to move slower close to the weekend and updates seem none existent. All is well, closer to the work week or Sunday evening you should see a difference.


thanks emjayye. i will be careful in future.

Reply to @auraiyaits: thanks
But I am worried because I have seen it for the first time that there is no request posted to Buyers Request for so long.

Reply to @belengarcia:
:slight_smile: thanks belengarcia.