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No buyer requests ever

Hi, I need some advice!
I created my fiverr account a few weeks ago and posted some gigs in illustration and postcards. I tried optimizing my gigs and read up on tips to get gigs, and everyone suggests doing buyer requests.
But since I signed up there has been NOT ONE buyer request! I enabled push notifications on my phone and refreshed the page a couple of times a day, but nothing.
Has anyone had the same experience? Am I doing something wrong? Or is it just the illustration field that doesn’t get many buyer requests?
Please help!


Well even I sometime face this issue, reload the page a couple of times in a day and it also depends on time at few hours in day and night I can see a lot of buyer requests and sometime not a single one.

Hey, Working ladies.
I am level 2 seller,
I am also low on sales now a days, but still I noted some hours in which I just hold tight, just to bid on the projects, that interests me the most.
So If you note that On day 1 requests came at 10:10 am, Grab your screen on next day from 9:45 to 11am. you will surely get some.

Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.)


If you are a new seller or have been demoted to level 0, you may not see available Buyer Requests. This depends on your gig category or categories, how many BR have been released recently and Fiverr policy.

So I can’t see buyer requests bc I’m new and lvl 0, but I can’t promote myself and get higher up bc I can’t get buyer requests? This is a paradox, how am I supposed to get gigs then? Buyer requests was the number one tip for new sellers to get started.

Even though you’re a New Seller, buyer requests are still available to you.

What categories are your gigs in? Some categories are pretty uncommon, so they barely have any buyer requests.

I’m in Illustration.

I don’t know what happened in the last fifteen minutes, but suddenly the buyer requests came in, like just now. I don’t know whether it is because I spent more time engaging with the community, but this is the absolute first time I opened the buyer request box and there was anything in there.
I know that sounds extremely weird, and I’m sorry for wasting your time, guys. Thank you though for your kind answers!

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Same Condition here But did not get any solution yet

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Well I am also a new seller and a lvl 0 but I can see buyer requests at certain times in a day. This is not true that we cannot send any buyer requests, we can!! but the number of buyer requests shown to us are less than level 1 or 2 sellers!
Hope this would help

Just stick to this time everyday hope you can see buyer requests. There are certain times in every country to see more requests.

Actually it depends on, which service you are providing. You will receive buyer requests depending on the services, that your GIGs are offering.

I’m a web content writer.

I’m lucky if I see between 5 and 6 new BRs when I look (BTW, I just look periodically out of curiosity, I’ve NEVER seen a BR yet that interested me enough to send a proposal).