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No Buyer requests found on my profile


Hello everyone! Hope you all are fine.I have issue about buyer request ,I cannot see the buyer request Button last 2 days on my profile but on my Fiverr app is showing the buyer request.why this happening to me?Need suggestion .
Thanks in advance


Have you gone to selling->buyer requests in your browser?


Yeah ! I apply to sale few days ago .But last two days dashboard button on my profile is not showing. !
Also my messages button change from right to left on top.


If you’re not using chrome you could try using that. You could also try logging out and then back in/clearing cookies. It might be a browser setting like page style (eg. if you accidently selected “no page style”) or maybe style sheet problem or script problem.

So if you can you could try another browser as well check the above.

Also check you’ve not zoomed in (eg. check the any zoom setting shows the page at normal 100% size). If it has zoomed or maybe the page style is wrong, it might still be possible to see the option by scrolling.


I"m using google chrome. ahmm ok I will try as you said ,may be the issue of cookies hoping will be resolve after doing that.


I do what you said ! But my problem stay . my page zoom size is also on 100% .
May be I updated my Fiverr app, so because of this showing like that. But why dashboard sign/button or buyer request is not showing on the top is really worried for me.


Is there a “switch to selling option” at the top of the Fiverr page on your browser?. If so you could press that.

Also is there a “more” option anywhere near the top of the page? If so, press that and see if it gives the required option. (eg. more->buyer requests).

If not, and it still isn’t showing the dashboard/selling option (which would give the menu allowing you to select buyer requests) do you have a screenshot of what your Fiverr page looks like? You can blank out anything confidential.

I think the “More->Buyer Request” option must be the new menu style (instead of the “selling->buyer request” method).


if there is option showing ‘‘SWITCH TO BUYING’’ click on it first you and then there is another link showing there on the same row ‘‘MORE’’ click on it you will get the options there that you are looking for such as …buying request etc…


Yes I assumed because he was a seller that he was looking for the buyer request page to look for existing buyer requests so that he could post offers to those that were relevant to his gigs.

You are correct that if he wants to post a buyer request (and not an offer) he needs to click on “switch to buying” if that option is there (then buying->post a request).


My page of Fiverr is look like !
I’m seller and want to offer on buyer request . But I do not see Buyer request by click/button top of the page.


I don’t know. If you can’t get the normal dashboard or menu to come up you could contact support ( if the help desk can’t be reached). Maybe try clicking the icon to the left of “Fiverr” (I only see that icon on the Fiverr forum to get the menu there - maybe it will give a menu for you. But if not, you could try Fiverr support).


Ok I’ll contact.
Thanks for your valuable discussion :slightly_smiling_face: