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No Buyer Requests in my feed

I used to be on Fiver then left for a couple of years, and I just came back really motivated to work again. However, there’s a problem. Back then, we used to see numerous buyer requests flowing in every other minute. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen any buyer requests for the three days I have been here. The notice I keep getting is “No buyer requests found”.
I have also noted a few changes on the platform, including new sections for skills, portfolio, certification, etc. Is it that my profile does not currently qualify to view buyer requests or is that there are no buyer requests anymore?

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If you type “buyer requests” in the search bar above you will find numerous posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.

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Same problem.
“NO Requests found” show me 4 Days!!!:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

Thanks a lot. Let me have a look a t how similar challenges were resolved.


Just refresh your buyer request feed again and again .

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