No Buyer Requests in Writing Section


So today there are officially no buyer requests in the writing section. Only “requests” by sellers!!!


Ya, I ended up sending an offer to a “buyer request” because I thought it was an actual buyer and the person messaged me saying “I am seller. I don’t need writing” or something like that. I was so angry! :frowning: Stay strong, there are a few requests in there that look like they are from actual buyers! Haha :slight_smile:


Haha, are there any requests today? I haven’t checked yet…I hope there are! On a side note, why doesn’t Fiverr do anything about it? Or they can’t do?


I had one response from a buyer request yesterday. So it is possible! And Fiverr definitely is trying to do something about it, but it’s just a never-ending cycle. They stop the ones that are doing it now, and tomorrow there are new accounts and people doing it. Though don’t worry, most of the people who do post those requests, you can clearly see they write English at a level people would NOT want to pay for. Haha. Are you sending out your buyer request offers still?

Edit- I meant to write “Offers” and spelled it wrong. Haha


You did? That’s great. I’m happy to hear at least someone has gotten a response. Let’s hope people will realize this is not a good way to showcase your services - I mean it looks cheap. AND you’re right about their English! Buyers will certainly spot their bad English and won’t go for their service.

Yes, I’m still sending out requests but almost no responses, perhaps, I’m missing something here.

Haha, you wrote “Buyer Request Offers” and we have those seller requests offers as well.

Just so you know I can see this “offer” 6 times in the “Buyer Requests” section today:

Hey guys I’m new on fiver.I start it because I think i’ve lots of ideas & I’ll definatly give helpline to find something unique you never seen in another’s about social,political,custom,religious,funny,natiional & international & I’ll deliver within 24 hours

What a seller!


madyr9228 I can think of at least one other reason for this as well: language barrier. I bet there are people out there in the world who don’t speak English as their first language and who think the phrase “Buyer Requests” means “Requests to Buyers”, I bet there are. I mean not all of them but there are some who translate the phrase that way. What do you think?


Finally, a forum post about this! I was looking for buyer requests and was so confused when I only saw sellers requesting gigs. At least I wasn’t misreading something, haha.