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No buyer requests show on list

In my oder list ,there isn’t any buyer requests shown…I have only activated a graphic designing gig…In past there were enough oders so that there were available 10 per day…I could’t be here for a some time in recent past as i was busy …But now i activated the gig after set vacation mood in that time…please anybody can help me…thanks…

Do you mean buyer requests? If so, clear your browser. If that doesn’t help wait a few hours and try again. Maybe there are currently no BR listed for your specific gig.


I think you mean orders.


i tried few days …but no availability to send buyer request… in past ,it could had ability to send it up to 10 per day…is there any changes i should make in my account or gig…

Did you clear your browser, cookies and cache?

Do you have relevant tags in place?

When you open BR, try to change your category to “Other” to see if anything comes up.

You should be able to see a drop down menu on the upper right side.

Hope that helps.

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yeeah changing category works, now it shows BR …thanks…