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No Buyer Requests Today

I have been waiting for the whole day long to bid in the buyer requests section but still got no buyer requests what is wrong with it today?


I am also facing this but I have got some disgusting buyer request from seller


@bappy16 i am still unable to understand why some sellers are doing these cheap acts

What categories are your gigs in?

They think, they can easily catch the attention of buyers. But it makes us disgusted

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You can post your gig in the ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ section, nowhere else I’m afraid.

Buyer Requests are shown based on your level on Fiverr, maybe that’s the problem with you

Ah your gigs are in different categories than mine. In that case I don’t know but it may be that your categories are sometimes like mine that just don’t get many requests at times.


may be. I am not old here.

@forsirius check my category on my profile as i am not allowed to talk about it on forum

can you tell me what is the best way to marketing gigs as your own opinion

I cannot find you through search on Fiverr for some reason. Says “we didn’t find any results”.

to search any user on fiverr from forum
1= type copy username of user from forum
2= go to*
3= replace the * with the username of that user which you have copied before
i hope it is now clear to you

I noticed that you only have one gig in logo designs. Therefore the only Buyer requests you will see will be for logo design. Maybe there are not many of those. Also since you are a new seller, you will not see many Buyer Requests until you get your level 1 badge. Then you will see 100’s of Buyer Requests. But sadly many of them are confused sellers posting in Buyer Requests. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ah yes, found it this way, thanks. Your gig’s in the same category (as in graphics&design, the subcategory is different) as one of the gigs of the original poster here. I’m not sure why you wanted me to check your gig, is it for the same reason that the OP had? Then it’s the same answer.

How many gig you published ?

Oh sorry, I mistook bappy16 as the original poster, it’s clear now.

But the more gigs you have the more chances you have of being seen in the search pages. Is there something else you could make a gig for?

I did a little research about the sellers posting in Buyer Requests and I found out this information. Now when I see the poor souls who are sellers posting in Buyer Requests, I laugh and remove the request and move on.