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No Buyer Requests?


I want to get more customers, and I have heard about buyer requests but when I go into my buyer requests there is nothing there. Is this normal? How can I get buyer requests? Thanks in advance


There is fixed time when they appear so you will get it according to your gig. All of my gig doesn’t get buyer request it. That platform have fixed suppliers and they are old so it is not easy to remove them. Good wishes for you.


Get 3 gigs available on your profile. You should think on time zone. When i check buyer requests in the morning its a blank page, but at night its firing up :slight_smile:


Add more gig on different catagory. Suppose if you are a graphic designer then Open a gig on photoshop editing, a gig of Stationary design, a gig on logo design etc. Hope that may help. Try to add at least 5 gigs. Also there are some times when byer request is only available. Find out the time. In my case, it is 10pm to 5pm.