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No Buyer Requirements Submitted

Hey! I recently received an order (about 3 days ago). The buyer didn’t contact me at all, they just placed an order. They didn’t submit any information, and I have tried contacting them but they are not responding. What should I do?

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I would give them another week and then reach out again. I have an auto-response I use for this.

“Hi [username]
I would love to get started on your order, but I need you to fill out the order requirements to proceed. I understand your time is valuable, and I can get started on this as soon as you provide the information. If you are having issues with submitting requirements please let me know so I can help you.”

If they don’t respond to that after a week, I would send a message to customer service to cancel the order.


Ok! Thank you so much!

This is actually not a bad thing. Sure you want the business, but for whatever reason the buy seems not to want to go through with it. Could be covid, could be he bought the wrong gig or changed his/her mind.

You do not want to cancel the order. Fiverr will hold that against you and it will affect your completion rate for the next sixty days. If the buyer doesn’t follow up on the order, just let it sit there. It won’t count against you, since Fiverr doesn’t start the the clock or consider the order in progress until the buyer fills out the requirements form.

I’ve got one sitting in my inbox too. The buyer hasn’t been on Fiverr in over a year. Still waiting for the requirements… the requirements … the requirements …