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No buyer responds to my buyer request offers

Hey there everyone, I have been sending buyer req constantly for many weeks and not a SINGLE one has responded even tho i take like 5% from their budget and still they dont answer :frowning: I describe my offer as very detailed and still… I cant explain this. I hope you understand. Someone please help me :frowning:


You are not the only person who send the buyer request, there are lots of people sending the same things. Trust me, if the buyer see the request flooding into your mail. They don’t even bother to look at all the gig.

I had personally request for a logo and video, next day I woke up , 100+ gig send to my mail. I don’t bother reading one-by-one as most of them are no reviews seller.

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oh so that’s why people dont bother to take me up on the offer even tho i have the product READY! I guess I just have to get more orders then, but im not getting any except for 1 in 3 weeks :frowning:

I tried posting a buyer request once. I ended up with 50-60 poorly written answers from sellers with no ratings. I started out by deleting all the answers that didn’t fit my budget. Then I deleted all the answers with visible grammatical errors in it.

I then moved on to delete all requests that looked like a copy-paste reply.

Finally, i checked the country of residence for the remaining sellers (I was left with 4 replies) to make sure I picked a native seller (needed some writing done, and that was one of the requirements).

I was left with 0 replies, and never used the function again.

Getting jobs through buyer requests is surely difficult. Finding sellers through them is just as difficult. I prefer to search for gigs, watch gig videos, and read gig descriptions.

As a seller, I have never sent a single reply to those requests.


Oh yeah same I always try to get them to order from me but no one ever listens

I also prefer to not sent untill I get enquiries automatically from fiverr but when its not there I have to apply on buyer requests to get some work, bcoz I can’t sit idle assuming that enquirers will come, I (every seller) have to do something to get some work and eventually whenever I send request I used to get 3-4 replies out of 10 which then I would convert sometimes if everything goes well.

By just checking your profile, I would say it would be difficult for you to get the job further and there is a reason behind it, so let me just explain it in few points

  1. Profile picture: Are you serious ? how do you think you get job by having these kind of profile pic… You can use your own profile pic or have some decent pic related to what you sell otherwise it appears like a fake image or spammer.

  2. Profile description: You mentioned "I’m blood and I’m at your service for various different things! " I’m blood ? what does that mean, is that your name or what ?
    “I’m at your service for various different things!”: what service, what are those things ?
    you should put whatever skill set you have and what you can do for them instead you’re forcing them to check your gigs without having known who you are and what you do ?

  3. Gig thumbnail images: You have a gig where you’re selling attractive thumbnail for fiverr gigs but your own gigs doesn’t have a decent pic or looks professional which clients can trust, how they would buy from you?

PS: Please don’t be offended, the above points are just to gave you some insights why you’re not getting order as you’ve asked.


I agree. First impressions are everything when it comes to landing sales.

alright man thats just what i needed. Cold Hard Facts. Thank you SO much! I’ll work on that :slight_smile:

I agree with @swayam89 a specific, clear, gramatically correct description and professional imagery are very important.

When re-writing your description do it from the perspective of the buyer.

If you were the buyer what would you like to see?

Hope this helps!

Wishing you all the best!


I can’t even send buyer request.

I think you should send more convincing offers to the buyer. :blush:

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thank you so much! All the best to you too :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback, i’ll elaborate on my offers more now :slight_smile: