No buyer response!


Hello friends,
I am sending offer to buyer regularly.But i don’t get any massage from buyer i have completed 5 job and got 100% positive rating.
What is my problem ??
Should i edit gig tags?
Advance thanks for helping.


It’s hard for us to say without seeing the offers you’re sending so I can make only general recommendations.

  1. get rid of this “Hello Dear honorable buyer,” as it sounds odd in western cultures and adds no value.
  2. The English in your profile and gig descriptions could use a little tidying up.
  3. if the images in your gig are websites you’ve worked on then make more of them in the description e.g. “See the amazing websites I have already designed and built”. If they’re not yours, use yours instead.
  4. when you’re sending offers to a buyer request, don’t send generic offer that you send everyone. Make your offer reflect the buyer’s requirement so that the buyer is convinced you can do what it is that they want you to do.


Thanks for the information’s.


Can i change gig tags for improving seo ?