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No buyer review

I think reviews should be mandatory.
I had an order just yesterday, and the buyer accepted the order right away. Even sent me a message complimenting my work, saying how it was exactly what they were looking for.

They never gave a review though. I never messaged the buyer about it, obviously, but it bothered me. After all the hard work, I only got the money. Reviews are important, especially for new sellers. Why even bother complimenting the buyer if you’re not gonna give a review?


You can write a message to him like this “Please share your experiences on reviews” Please do not enter 5 star or good review on the message. Best of luck


Mandatory reviews will never happen, nor should they. We exchange our services for money. That is the extent of the agreement. A review is a privilege, not a right.

Many buyers do not want to leave reviews because they do not want what they buy to be public knowledge. About 50-70% (from my experience) of Fiverr buyers leave reviews - that is an amazing number compared to many other marketplaces.

Do you review every product you purchase on Amazon? Reviews are extremely important for Amazon sellers as well. Should they be mandatory? What about Yelp reviews for restaurants?

You should be happy that your customer complimented you. That means they liked the work. Many buyers do not even say thanks. They just download the work and use it without a word.

And, honestly, you seem incredibly entitled complaining about why your buyer would bother complimenting you without leaving a review. That is a horrible attitude to have

No, you cannot. Please stop spreading this nonsense. You will get a warning or a suspension if you do this. It is also very unprofessional.


I strongly disagree. In all walks of life now we are being asked to review services. It is tiresome.

Buy something on eBay, a review is expected. Order an item on Amazon, a review is expected. Buy a takeaway online for home delivery, a review is expected. Etc…

There has to be a point at which we say enough is enough.

Reviews should never be mandatory. They should only ever be voluntary - either to reward exceptional service or to highlight poor service.


Do not do that! :scream:

Would you like it you went to McDonald’s and the cashier would not let you take your :hamburger: and :fries: unless you left a review?

That is awesome! It means you are doing well. However, many sellers do not leave reviews because as @vibronx said, they want to remain anonymous. They do not want to have others to see what they buy and from which seller.


Yah. I never press for a review. I figure it’s like a Tip - no obligation.

I also look at reviews as sort of an add-on extra I’m not expecting. Let’s be honest here…none of us would be working on Fiverr Gigs if they were FREE to our clients, right?

So…I’m here to make money.

A Tip and/or Review is just gravy…and appreciated, but not expected.


Imagine if you complete an order and delivered the project, then the buyer says something like, “I’m not going to pay you but I’ll make sure to leave a good review”.

You are here to earn money, period!


I am a buyer. So I am just saying from a buyer’s perspective, maybe just mine. Without leaving a review might be good to you. It is a kind gesture of buyer to protect you and avoid you getting bad reviews (less than 5 stars). All in all, the buyer was not quite satisfied with your work to give you a 5 star.


Agreeing with all of the above but just to add that if you want a review you can add a small note at the end saying " If you liked my service and have a few minutes left you can leave a review" I would not think that a suggestion is against the terms, you are not obligating anyone to leave feedback and no one will get annoyed if you ask in a polite manner either.

You should NOT do that! It’s against the Fiverr TOS to ask for a review!!


Want review from buyer against the Fiverr TOS.
Not every buyer will give you a review, that’s normal


You shouldn’t in case you get a warning (see previous posts) and also it could be seen as biased/review manipulation, like the seller is asking for the buyer to only leave a review if they liked the service. It’s safest not to mention reviews at all to the buyer.


What would be interesting to know from buyers is what they pay attention to in their gig selection. You, know, what causes them to choose one over the other? I’m sure the list would include such things as:

  • price
  • turnaround time
  • gig specifics (what add-ons are available, what all comes with the basic gig)
  • reviews

I’m sure reviews are not a top priority, although they may have some influence.

Just my thoughts on the topic.


As @uk1000 you shouldn’t do this. There have been sellers who posted on the Forum that they got warnings for doing just what you suggested.


No. It’s free will of client. You can’t demand it.

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Yah, its a very good points.

The Fiverr analytics are soooo basic.

No sales team of any company could make profitable decisions with so little insight on their performance and market. Most of what I do here is a shot in the dark and that’s partly why I don’t invest much time in it.

The only thing I can do is evaluate my competition to make sure I’m not superfluous and target niches. But that’s it and I can’t even evaluate if that is working.


Thanks for that insight!