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No buyers (4 different gigs)

it has been quite some time since i introduced my gigs,but to no luck .I do not know what is wrong ,i probably think it is very difficult for someone new to start out at fever especially without any ratings.Any help in this regard would be much appreciated

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i am aslo new on fiverr but a very good start .getting order once a weak …do focus on buyer request you must have to send 10/10 request daily . …create your 7 gigs for different services avoiding the same subcategory … design an attractive thumbnial for your gigs.i mean gigs pictures…and your tags and gigs title must be good…


You can also promote your gigs on social media by sharing your Fiverr link. You can also do this on a YouTube channel that you can create. All of this is free for you to take advantage of.

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