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No buyers almost 1 week

it’s almost 6 days since I came to Fiverr. still, no buyer is there any problem with my gigs or profile please give a look


You can’t expect the sales right away! Please use buyer request for effective use to get the starting orders.

Once you get some reviews you will surely come in Fiverr search.


Hello @nirajkol17

I checked your gig " Convert Your Pdf Into Word Or Excel" and i suggest you to rewrite the description and fix any errors on it. I’m sure that if it is well-written, potential buyer won’t turn their head for another service.



This path you just choose takes time and a lot of patience, tweaks, and persistencies. Be educated that you are competing with thousands or millions of sellers in your niche, so you need to be aware that you need to develop a lot of legitimate marketing tactics to beat the competition.
And how can you do this?:

  1. Don’t forget the power of Buyer’s request page.
  2. Come up with a professional looking pitch to send to buyers on BR page.
  3. Stay online most of the time.
  4. Promote your gig on facebook or other social media platforms (Don’t spam your link)
  5. Don’t compete your gig prices with others on the platform, as a starter, I advice you make your price way cheaper to attract some buyers who will elevate you, then you can, in the future, increase your gig prices again.

I hope this has been helpful!
Thank you


is there any problem please suggest.and thanks for reply

thanks for the reply. the buyer’s section is empty almost every day hardly 2 or 3 request. and I refresh every 5 minutes.

In your case, Buyer’s request is Gold. That is where I got my first order and my first tip after delivering a quality work. Only apply to the jobs you can do so you get your 5 stars. Rewrite your gig description. Add videos to your gigs. Finally promote your gigs on instagram, linkedin, google+, youtube and any other social media you deem fit. It’s not an easy ride here. Goodluck.

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I took this from you gig page:


  1. Write paragraphs coherently. If you think that your potential buyers “are at the right place” then give them reason and real fact.
  2. Present yourself as a professional, not to beg for works by saying “please let me do your job”
  3. Fix mistakes on grammar, punctuation, and writing mechanics.
  4. Format the description neatly. You should ensure that potential buyer can read and have a thorough understanding on what you have wrote.
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thanks a lot for suggestions

Check this out: Before Posting Asking About MORE ORDERS, NO ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order - READ THIS

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I understand and can relate! Getting the word out there is key. Promote your link outside of fiverr (your social media) and tell your family/friends/colleagues etc.

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