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No buyers for a long time. What can be the problem?

I joined Fiverr Aug 2017 and I only had 13 buyers. So, the problem is that for two months or more I don’t have any buyers.
Well, my Gig is not that much unique. It is something that you see a lot on Fiverr: article writing. But, no matter what I do I don’t have any buyers. I tried to improve my gigs and promote my work but nothing…
What is the problem? Is it that I’m a new seller?

Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you for your time.

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Hey, it’s you again!

Please change the portions of your profile that include verbatim parts of mine. Thanks!

If you’re a writer, you should be able to come up with something :slight_smile:

As for why your gigs aren’t selling, there are grammatical mistakes in your profile that any writer should be able to pick out. That would definitely put a lot of buyers off.