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I am in the 1st page for 3 days with one of my gig. I got 551 clicks still, no order found. Is it normal? Any suggestion, please??
I have four gigs in total, and I have completed 36 days in Fiverr.

here is a link to my gig:

If you are on the first page, have good clicks and no orders that means only one thing: your service is not attractive.

I had a quick look and what you are offering is a “stylish” fb cover but your example picture is not stylish at all, and I’m sorry to say this but also not attractive, anyone can take a map picture and type words on it, so of course people wouldn’t be really interested in paying for that.


Thank you for your valuable feedback. I will improve my example picture.

It’s important to be outcome-oriented in your gigs, not task oriented.

If a prospect doesn’t feel you can help them achieve their outcome, they won’t buy from you.

So yes, it’s normal. Being seen is not enough. Being targeted and being engaging play a far bigger role in who gets sales.

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Provide the buyer with more images and a better description of what the cover will do for them and their business :slight_smile:

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