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No buyers have appeared so far

It’s been a few days since I created my two Gigs and so far no one has asked for any of my services, what can I do to change that?

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It took me a year to get my first job here.

Joining Fiverr does not automatically guarantee you will be busy.

You have to work at it to get noticed.


I understand your frustration with not having buyers interesting in purchase your gig. I went through the same last year with no buyers (not sure for how many months) though. However, you might need more works on the gig descriptions.

Also, I noticed one of your gig you wrote a descriptions mentioned “via chat”. What do you mean by that? If chat outside of Fiverr platform, would put your account on restricted. Just a head up.


Hello @andresakesia, welcome to Fiverr. It might take a long time until you get your first order. Also, because Fiverr is an English-based platform for most of the transactions, offering Portuguese services might limit your options. I also offer translation services from Portuguese to English and vice-versa, as I am Brazilian-Canadian. However, 99% of my services are based on English language services. I am not discouraging you. I just want to give you a better perspective on how you can manage your expectations. Maybe Fiverr would be a limited platform for you. I wish you all the best. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, it really is more difficult to find Brazilians on this platform, I think looking for another one is the best option

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you should wait …and you should choose the right tags

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