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No buyer's request found


No buyer’s request found…And fiverr forum people says send daily 10 buyer’s request how can i do I have no buyer’s request anyone tell me what is the reason behind???


You are right. I have same problem. Can anyone give me solution ?


I am using fiverr last six months nut having no order do you want to tell me reason check my gigs and plz point out the mistake…


Hi i have checked your profiles ,
First you have post your gig at wrong category do not put it to “other” category put your gig it relevant category,
If you your gig does not have a spastic category then sure you can put to “Other” category,
if you put to relevant category then you will get a buyer request and also you will do not get any irrelevant request,

Put your gig at “Social Media Marketing”
and second put on “Social Media Design”


thanx alot for giving me information


If your gigs are made in relevant categories/niche, you would start seeing the buyer requests matching to those categories. So be careful while making/editing your gigs.

All the Best!


I also dont find any buyer
is there any problem with my gigs


i also have same problem please guide me too