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No buyers request on article gig


Hi guys i just had my first order completed in my article gig,but to my frustration, there are simply no buyers request at all and because of that reason i am not getting any orders does anybody here knows what’s wrong?


may b u r new seller. buyer request wll increase day bay day. u should active in fiverr.


I briefly looked at your profile and gig page. An article writer needs to have flawless writing in their gig description and profile. Yours is not flawless. Also, it is best to use a profile picture that is of yourself and not copied off of a male model page on the web. Customers like to see the real seller. If our picture is not real, many buyers will wonder if they can trust you. Good luck in getting more orders. :owl:


Bro never give up ,if you will do better everyone must go to you and i think you new seller so that buyer request is to seen what do you want day by day it’s increas don’t be hopeless try to do quality works best wishes for you :point_right:


Just one help of you, please can you mention the flaws in my gig,cuz i see absolutely zero error in it.


I like your new profile picture! :smile: Just for changing it I will tell you that on your profie thesus is spelled thesis and creat is spelled create.
Also, you apologize for your location because of a VPN error. Be proud of who you are and where you come from. :wink:

I cannot proofread your whole profile page and your gigs, because that is what I sell on
Fiverr . . .proofreading.


Do you know how easy it is to find out where you copied your gig description?
You’ve made some edits, but you’ve copied entire sentences from other sites. Stop that!

Here’s your gig description (you even forgot to change “get with us”)

Here’s an example from another site


I did not check to see if @tom_alfredo_69 used his own words. I thought with all the errors, he must have written it himself. :hushed:


That part he probably wrote on his own :slight_smile:


When a seller copies part of their gig descriptions and profile from others, a buyer will check it out and look elsewhere to buy. Your gig is about writing. Why don’t you write it yourself?


are you sure you are using the appropriate tag? and try to create the maximum gig you are allowed to


Don’t be upset. It will be increase day by day. Try to makes different category gigs than you will see more buyer requests from before. Now you are a new seller that’s why its show little buyer requests. But it will be increase day by day.
Best of luck :slight_smile:


Creating more gigs with stolen descriptions is the solution? Do you even read the threads you reply to?


I don’t tell stolen discription I just tell create gig with different category than you will get more buyer request option from different category that’s it


Outch :smiley:


OP created a gig with a stolen description. You told him to just create more gigs.


@uxreview you dont understand what i mean :joy:


and you don’t see a problem here because you’re doing the same thing, stealing descriptions from others :wink:


Sorry, but I would have to agree with the general sentiment here. There is no excuse for creating an article writing gig that has plagiarism in the description when you “guarantee” no plagiarism!

Do you not see the problem with this?

New person or not, it’s dishonest. And there is only one thing dishonesty will get you, and that’s to the end of the line as a seller on Fiverr.


Apologies to all i have learned from my mistakes.