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No buyer's request or orders?


Hey! I am new to Fiverr and have two gigs up and running. Out of those two, I didn’t am unable to see any buyer’s request when I go there; no matter how many times I refresh it.

Moreover, I am not getting any orders too, I promoted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Can someone have a look at my Gigs? And guide me what’s wrong?


Gig 2


This post should explain why you’re unable to see Buyer Requests.


Hey! Thanks for a the link. It’s helpful.
Btw, can you also me in having a look at my Gigs. I am wondering are they good enough to get orders. (If that’s not hard).


you should give your gig link here otherwise how can i find your seller account


Hey! This is the link

Gig 2


@sskrik I saw your gig. The gig title is different from others which is very good, in gig description kindly bold and color your keywords also add some FAQ which helps your client to clear any question in their mind, Try to add some attractive gig image.
Hope this tips will help you.
Best of luck
Ruhul Tusar


Christmis is also coming. People can be on vacation, i am facing the same problem, though i am not new. But still buyer requests are very few.


#sskrik Same problem on my account , I need help!