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No buyers request? please help

I ran two gigs and cant seem to get any buyer request as it displays "NO BUYER REQUESTS???


It’s ok when you are a new seller, we all had the same thing when we were new sellers. So you should keep refreshing the page of Buyers Requests section many times every day and you’ll definitely get requests.

Wish you best of luck :slight_smile:


thanks @kyle_xy for the piece of advice…hope to get it sorted out

You can create at least 7 gig with a valuable niche.

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Until you get to level 1, you do not see as many Buyer Requests. After you get to level 1, you will see more BR’s, but it is still disappointing because a big part of the Buyer Requests is actually sellers trying to sell their gigs.

I’m also not getting any Buyer Requests.


Make sure you are using proper tags/keywords for your gig.
In order to do so, you may search the respective keyword in the search tag and use the keywords that display first in the suggestion list.