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No Buyers Request Showing Up

I have two gigs up in programming (web, scripting) and whenever I go to Buyers Requests I see nothing, sometimes just 1 or 2 requests. I’m in Jamaica and I’ve had my account since 2016. The URL for one of my gigs has text in the address that’s different from the title of my gig, will this affect how my gig is ranked? Also my ‘Delivered on Time’ was unfairly reduced to 50% and hasn’t been updated since, all my gigs are 5 stars. please help me…


As i know BR depends account level. As new small number ok. BR come just few minutes. Just see and if you refresh your page than all gone.

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Buyer requests depend on Number of gigs in different categories and seller level. It also depends on the type of service mean what are your selling and what buyer demanding. If your gigs in the area where buyers not demanding your service then you face this issue.
One thing is that add 4 languages in your account. May this trick can work better.

Beside your gig category buyer request depends on your level…
As a new seller you will see less buyer request…
Depending on your country it can appear in certain time you have to keep a eye on the buyer request section for discovering more and more req:)

maybe you have increase gig amount…

This is not allowed.

The URL must bear some resemblance to the service you are offering.

You must wait for 60 days and performing perfect delivery time to make it back to 100%

If it didn’t change after 60 days after you performing a perfect delivery time, You can try to contact fiverr support to ask for their help to refresh your delivery time if you sure you have been passed 60 days and in that 60 days period you have a perfect delivery time.

Need to wait for any buyer post their requirement.