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No Buyers Request Showing

Hello To All

I am an old member of fiver but i deleted my previous gigs and created new one according to my updated skill-set but after that, not a single buyer request is showing up in the list. i search and read numerous post about it, i also do refresh page so many times but unfortunately didn’t get any possible solution on it so i need help to get my buyer request

Any Type of help would be highly appreciated
Thank You in Advance


I have noticed a lot fewer buyer requests. Plus most of them are not relevant to me.

Even i’m noticing very few buyer requests for the past couple of days…dont know why…


there isn’t any exact time to get buyer request. so keep patient and refresh your tab in every 2 minutes wishes.

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Why didn’t you just update the gigs (instead of deleting them)?

You are a seller with no level. No level sellers rarely see buyer requests. Once you are promoted to a Level 1 seller (which you can earn according to your Analytics), you will likely see plenty of buyer requests that you can respond to.

This is not going to help a no-level seller see more buyer requests.

Earn a promotion to Level 1 seller, and you will see plenty of buyer requests.


thank you for your replying
sir how to earn promotion to seller 1 without getting any buyer request or order??
waiting for your response

The simple answer: You can’t.

Therefore, instead of complaining that you don’t have any orders, go out and earn some.

Here are some tips to help you:


I just created my gig but I can’t see any buyer requests…? Why…? Anyone can help…?

Edit your gig and change their sub category to Other subcategory.
then save it . then you will able to see your buyer requests.