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No buyers request today


Its weird I saw no new buyers request today. Usually I see tons but I guess no on needs anything but thats weird. Anyone else experiencing this to?


Yes, same here. No new request.


They are back now I looked


For the entire day the wasn’t anything and now in my category there were 84 new ones. Usually there are about 15-20 per day. It seems that it was the backlog from the past 2-3 days.

That’s why I don’t use it as a buyer :stuck_out_tongue: You never know when Fiverr decides to release these to the sellers.


Maybe they took the time to clean up. That would be nice ; )


It’s more like Sellers Request now.


What are they even always cleaning up? Don’t they ever get done?:grin:


Yes you are absolutely right. These days buyers requests are filled with sellers request. FIVERR should take action regarding this thing.If it is there,please tell me about that…