No buyers requests for me 👱


It’s weekend :couple::two_men_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands::family_man_woman_boy::couplekiss_man_woman::dancing_women::couple_with_heart_woman_man::dancer::haircut_woman::massage_woman:
No buyers request.


How many times are you going to create a topic complaining about your lack of buyers’ requests caused by your 4.4 overall rating?


I have a great idea to improve you gig sales… are you inteseted ?


@ailurophile23 thats normal…
Fiverr show you the buyers request that matches your own gig’s category . SO in that category may be there are no request posted thats why you are not seeing it .
Create some more gig as per your abilities surly you will see the request. Hope for the best GOOD LUCK


Haven’t you seen many other posts related to NO BUYER REQUESTS?
why are pointing my posts hmm


It’s your feedback rating that’s stopping you from seeing buyer requests, not the fact that there may be no buyer requests available to view.

Get your rating above 4.5 (90%), however you can, and you might be able to see some BRs again. :sunny:


And please stop sending me personal inbox messages.


Because you’re creating several topics to complain about the same thing, thus spamming the forum.


That wasn’t aimed at me I hope, because I don’t send unwanted messages. Anyone who inboxes me is always asked to keep their questions etc. on the forum rather than by message as the forum rules point out.


@offlinehelpers dear I’m not talking to you.


I got 3 messages from different users related to my post I don’t know whats wrong with them.


Okey dokey - thank you for clarifying! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are receiving messages and aren’t happy about it, please refer the users to the forum rules and flag the posts as you would any other inappropriate forum post.


Please check out this post

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who is sending you personal inbox ???