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No buyers requests yet

Hi, everyone

I am new here. I had a previous account with 40$ gain, but it was disabled due to some reasons, and I didn’t manage to get it back. Now, I ve created a new account with a hope of finding good job opportunities, and compensating for my previous loss after a hard work. Yet, now it is up to one week and still there is no single buyer’s request. I am wondering if something wrong with my phone settings or there are no requests for translation yet…

My sincere regards

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No, there is something wrong with your wording:

My texts are translated pamperly

I have years of experience in the domaine of translation.

That s why being professional in my job is a necessity.

Translation for me is not a job

:arrow_up: alright.


You have missed the big post at the very top, it seems, asking NOT to create yet another thread complaining about not receiving buyer requests, because it was already answered many, many times before?


Don’t worry. You will soon get work again. Wishing you the best.

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