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No Buyers Responding my sent offers


I am sending many sent offers but buyer don’t response me.
what should i do now?


Don’t worry… As soon as possible success will come. Then buyer will offer you and you will be busy.:blush::blush::blush:


Thanks brother for your valuable advise…


Well, copy one of your most recent offers together with the request here and let’s have a look.
Unless we see what you’re sending out we can’t help you :slight_smile:

Oh wait, we can recommend “be patient” :disappointed:


Yes… patience is a BIG one! It takes a while. Not in a click. :smirk:


I adore patient people :slight_smile:
Thanks to them I get so many orders :wink:


Thanks brother for your valuable advise.


Well, I didn’t really give any advice yet :slight_smile:
I would have if you copied your offer, but oh well … Take care :wink:


If you don’t want to make any sales…

I’m not saying that impatience is good, but getting off your chair and doing something is better than sitting around waiting for something to happen isn’t it?

There’s always something to be done! :slightly_smiling_face: