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No buyers since i started on Fiverr

Hello. Im a content writer and have been selling my services on Fiverr from last 2 months. However, I have not received any order. Kindly suggest any changes to be made in the gigs and any tips to get my 1st order.
Thank you

Hi there.
Just look over your profile and I noticed that your average respose time is 1 week+. This figure really dramatically reduce your gig performance, that is the number of time your gig “appears” on buyer search result. Next time whenever a buyer contact you, try to reply them asap to improve this issue :blush:
Hope this helps

My answer is simple: Work hard, and don’t expect free success. If you’re serious about becoming a successful seller here on Fiverr, you’ll take the time to research and learn how to be successful. There are plenty of resources available to you. Take the time to find and read them; we’re not going to make it easy for you. That’s not how Fiverr – or being a freelancer – works.

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