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No buyers to my! [ARCHIVED]


hi friends,

Its been a month an have no buyers to my gig…I keep on checking, no updates…

Please give me your suggestions…That would be great…

Thank you ,



Hi , my device you can promote your gig at your page or account at the social network sites


Hi appliquem

I’m also didn’t get any buyers yet…

My advice is, Do offsite promotion. You will be successful

I’m aslo do



Thank you designmasterr :slight_smile:

how to do that?? Did u get the buyers ??



Please read this forum thoroughly.

There are 100s of Tips for new sellers to learn how the Fiverr system works, how to test and tweak your gig titles, tags and descriptions, as well as to promote outside of Fiverr.

You’ve got to have a viable service that people need and will buy, before you spin your wheels promoting it. Until you test and tweak you gig and start getting sales directly on Fiverr, there isn’t much reason to rush and promote it off site.

Please read this forum thoroughly.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Well one thing you can do is get popular through social networking. I can Get you followers in both Instagram and Twitter which will boost your sales. Also If you want to get the word out I can provide retweets so that your product will be shown to thousands of people. This will boost your income and sales!!!

Yours Truly,



hi appliquem

İf u want promote your gigs on facebook or twitter for finding new buyer , maybe you want to check my gigs for promote



Thank u friends… For your suggestions it means lot to me… Its been a month and I have no sales :frowning: