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No buyers yet, help?

Hi, here is my profile, any help please?


There are dozens of thousands of people selling logos and you haven’t even included samples, anyway.

There are also thousands of people selling flyers and many of them are much more professional than you are.

When you’re trying to figure out buyer behavior, you have to look at your competition.

There are more people selling these things than buying them.


Awesome, thanks so much


The last time I looked there were about 76,000 gigs for logos! So, to sell them, you need to stand out from the crowd.


Help is on tips for sellers category. Spend some of your time there.


Some of freelance platforms does test and review the person who are going to sell on the platform. But Fiverr does not do that kind of a test or review. basically anyone having no skill can create a gig. But that doesn’t mean that he/she will get orders for anything they offer. There is a huge rat race in any category specially in graphics / logo design.

So you need to offer a perfect / pro service in according to stand out from the rest of the community. I’ve checked your gigs and did not surprise why you’re not getting any orders. as @humanissocial mentioned,

and yes it is. You really need to improve your skills + you really need to spend time working on your gigs to make them simple, professional and attractive. Don’t make my words to annoy you. Think positively and find them as an advice to be better. I’m not a big seller here, but still i know how hard it is to have orders when you have no perfect sell-able skill. Make your skills sharp, do a nice gig and see how rain of orders come towards your gig.

I wish you all the best brother! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, when I saw your gigs. I don’t think your design technology is good enough to do this work ,sorry to said that . Maybe you can try other types of services, because there are so many gigs engaged in design now. Really toooo many …

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