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No Chance To Newbies..Why..?



honestly tell me how will a newbie make his sale through Fiverr…

Today’s newbies are tomorrow’s top rated sellers…but no one understands that…

and runs only to top rated sellers…

when will the newbies become Top-Rated Sellers… [-O< ???

or Is it only a Dream for them to deliver a honest work and make some money…???


I answered some of your question in the other thread


Being a TPS u answered my discussion…thanks a ton sister…

also tell me how to promote gigs…??? plz


Jump on the Forum in the Tips for Sellers section and read, read, read. We were ALL once new sellers. And Top Rated Sellers are not the only ones making money. Don’t get discouraged, keep tying. There are so many tips in this forum if you put in the time, you will succeed - isn’t that always the formula?


Thanks aton Iparziale for ur kind words…


I always tell newbies to find at least 2 gigs that can be delivered in 24 hours so your gigs get marked as express gigs. People look for those in the Express gigs section and always upload a video. They get their own section called “Haz Video”.

These 2 tips will increase sales for newbies.


Reply to @hotwebideas: Such a great tip sir…also tell me some more easy tips like this sir…


Reply to @dins_cool: You bet! We were all new once too!


Reply to @lparziale: Hmm…


Reply to @dins_cool: Think about this, when many of us were new, there was NO FORUM for tips and help… use the Forum, it has so much info!!


Reply to @lparziale: Sure…making much use of it…