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No click in my gig

A few days ago create my Instagram gig but only 1 impression. So What I should now?
This is my gig link please everybody click my gig to improve.
Advance Thanks

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Advice: Clicks to get impressions DOESN’T ACTUALLY HELP.


I will not click on it just because you want us to. I am not giving you extra clicks just so you can feel better about the stats. And I am not really sure about the tactic because the person who replied before said that it doesn’t work also it might be not allowed under the current ToS.

A few days can’t really mean that much. I have been on for a good month or two by now and I can get impressions because I got a 5 star review plus my gig is ranked higher. Also on there part where it says “for only $20” this might be too high. I am not an expert in what you are selling but when you start off you might have to bite the bullet and sell services less than they are worth just to get your first sales because lower prices can make you stand out. Lowering your prices might not help because you might not be on any of the first few pages.
I hope this helps. thanks for reading

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Thanks for this post link it’s really helpful :blush:

I am also new but I have read from different threads you need to send a buyers request in order to get a click I’m not sure about this though.