No clicks and Orders!


What to do if you are getting impressions and views but not clicks and orders ?


Some things what i figured out uptill now that may be focused and would be beneficial are:

  1. If you are not getting views and impressions it means your tags are not good enough and also bad seo in title and description could be the reason.

  2. If you are getting views and impressions but not clicks it means that your gig title and image is not that catchy or trust worthy, so buyers ignored them.

  3. And if you are getting impressions, views and clicks but not orders, It means that your gig description or your offer has not satisfied the buyer. Focus on them and you will resolve the issue soon. Good Luck :slight_smile:


That’s really useful appreciate your advice on that one, I take pride in offering an excellent service for my clients. I guess I just need to develop the way they are presented and tweak my gigs as you suggested so I can reach more people so they can benefit from my service. Your work is to a very high standard so Im sure you will get more buyers before long. Good Luck and thanks.


Nicholas, I had a quick look at your gigs and I think for you the action plan is pretty straight forward

  • Improve your gig title & description, because it’s really not clear what kind of coaching are you providing. You can create multiple gigs targeting different groups.
  • Get a decent HD webcam & microphone
  • Sit behind a desk, clear your background and do a proper landscape format video
  • BONUS: Depending on what kind of coaching you provide you might wish to do a proper intro/outro to give it a more professional look.

Good luck :wink:


Thankyou winter2121,

One other thing that I figured out and I am planning to do the same, I don’t know why but I am loving to share it with you. And it is… That build up your confidence and make a gig video for your gigs with professional ways and a good smile on your face. I haven’t done it yet but i planned it few days ago. And I am going to make gig videos for each of my gig as Fiverr claims itself that the results are 200% more when you place a video on your Gig! Give it a try, I am also going to do that soon and will share my experience and results soon. :slight_smile:


This is amazing explanation :heart_eyes:


Hey uxreview,

Thanks for your interest in checking out our gigs and giving us such appreciatable advices.

Wishing you the best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Thankyou jahin_chy,

Its always an honor serving the Fiverr community with the knowledge I have :slightly_smiling_face:

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Hi Uxreview, that’s great thanks for your advice, I’m going make a few alterations based on this. I think a new video will be a good idea and ill take a look at the title, regards.


This is an amazing post. As a new seller, I will also adjust my Gig to suit some of the corrections made here.


I joined Fiverr as an experiment. I get 70% of my business from referrals and my own marketing and another 30% from ******* . It has been more than a month and Fiverr is a non-player. This is a “race to the bottom”. The entire model undermines your talents and true market value.

Fiverr is a giant human yard sale, not an auction, not a bid.

You get reviews from work by selling it cheap -->
The cheaper, the more work -->
The more work @cheap = more reviews
Cheap = Work = More Work @Cheap.

I’m leaving my gigs on here for the sheer desolate reminder that one can become patently unmarketable in one place, while thriving in another.

This said, I have BOUGHT services on Fiverr. There’s amazingly talented people here. To you I say, go to ******* or even *******. You’ll make more per hour AND see more offers/open jobs.

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Thanks for good suggestion


Hi Tim,

It’s a shame that your experience as a seller on Fiverr hasn’t been positive. Out of interest, what service are you offering?

Our first couple of months on the platform looked similar to what you’re stating here, but that was only because we were absolutely brand new on a marketplace with stiff competition. With no reviews to fall back on, we knew we were a risk to purchase from. We worked for cheap to get reviews, then very quickly pushed our prices up as soon as we felt we could.

These days, our experience is essentially the complete opposite of what you’re saying. We get way more reviews overall at our higher prices, and our higher prices generate an overall higher number of orders (which of course has helped dramatically grow our income).

There are definitely people here on Fiverr who are willing to pay a premium for quality, and so long as you can prove that you’ve got that quality, there’s no reason why you can’t charge what you feel you’re worth.


I am fully agreed with you, I have been working for more than 5 years on another freelancing website. I did great projects there. It was excellent experience and earning is far better than fiverr (As i am expecting:thinking:) but one thing that was my concern … I had to spend more time on biding and waiting for clients instead doing actual work …

Then i came across fiverr where there is no need to bid you just create a GIG and buyer contact you… it appear bit attractive … So i decided to build my profile on fiverr as well…But as you said “This is race to the bottom” everyone is charging lowest even it seem they will get ready to do work for nothing. Buyers are also looking for cheapest rather good work… Even most of seller using templates but buyers don’t care.

When i first created my GiG i fixed price for my service $250 as i know it’s was actual market rate … but when i saw all other top sellers are offering the same work only for $5 … i have to reduce it to $25 as i could not reduce it more than this…In result my GiG is dead.:confused:
I came across many sellers who are using templates even they displaying their template work on their gig Yet they are with more than 1K + 5 stars reviews :astonished:

Despite of all above i’ve decide to give Fiverr full try till end:grinning: … as right now i am assuming, i need to understand Fiverr’s system more. Let see if i would be able to sell my services on my rates or start using templates like others as only in that case i can charge $5 for 5 days work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy: Hope Fiver will turn a better choice for me in near future.


Thanks cubittaudio! There is hope in your story. I would defiantly give fiverr a try till end… But i have to work very hard on Fiverr as compare to other sites, as same buyer who was ready to pay me more than $50 for a job not ready to pay me half of this on fiverr as i can not keep gig price high in start…it’s something over my head… it’s true that this is not Fiverr’s fault but we are use to some different system and working environment … Anyhow i am not in position to set an opinion about fiverr as i am doing experiments and trying to understand fiverr and improving myself as well. Your advice would always be appreciated!!:grinning:


Upon posting I was notified of multiple complaints and the post would be de-listed.

It is encouraging you made entry and could command the right rates for what you do. However, since even Fiverr posted that there are sellers complaining of lack of buyers, I suspect the problem is rather systemic.

As an example, one gig I can do is Amazon product research. I studied other gigs and crafted mine, the keywords and 3 price levels. I posted at same price as the majority of price leaders, but offered slightly deeper services per level.

Then I went in as a buyer to find myself once the gig was approved. Scroll-o-mania ensued and my gig was actually nowhere to be found. Madness.

I made entry on other platforms with lower hourly rates and that worked. I built my reviews and reputation to get to proper margins. But, their features to segment opportunities based on countries helps makes all the difference, as does the fundamental model of people stating what they truly want and a budget range. With time, on those platforms as with any market, gravity runs its course as the clients learn they need to pay a bit more for quality and efficiency.

Fiverr has some work to do. It cannot continue to press the button of, Pay to Play, upon the providers driving the revenue sharing. It simply won’t sustain.


Thanks. It will help me to improve my gig.


Hey dawudsky,

Best of luck, stay motivated, don’t loose hope.


Thanks for the encouragements.I really do appreciates. Wishing both of us happy selling on Fiverr.


Hey mertonway,

Your perspective of defining things is okay but it demotivates the new seller. Infact what I think is that fiverr is a good market place for people who wish to make some extra bucks. And the problem that you’ve stated about cheap work = more work etc is true but its not always necessary that it is a lifetime algorithm. Infact it could be a good approach for new seller to get orders easily.

For New Seller I would say that:
Don’t get demotivated, there is always an opportunity for you to earn more and more on fiverr for example through the packages, gig extra and especially the Pro feature that Fiverr has introduced. I have seen people selling the gig for $1400 and it’s the same gig that other non pro users are selling for $50 or $100 or $500 with a 5 star rating overall.

So, Don’t Loose Hope and Continue your Journey.