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No clicks No views!

I’m relying totally on custom offers and “buyer request” section. No one is ordering any one of my gig by them self. Like if i stop sending offers i might not make any sell at all. Its so frustrating.


Work isn’t meant to be fun, you know…

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I like the process and i’'m happy when i’ve orders but i’ve to wait too long to get my next order.

What are you doing to market and promote your gigs outside of Fiverr? Are you targeting your customers, and marketing your services to them? Are you running ads, blogging about your gigs, using social media, etc?

Expecting all of your success to come through Buyer Requests really isn’t a good marketing strategy. You need to get out there and build your success through self-marketing, and hard work.

Expecting success without any work is also not a very good business model.


Why are you waiting? Fiverr isn’t a magical place where work falls into your lap. Also, what @jonbaas said.


Yes! I’ve also started to promoting it outside fiverr like i’ve set few social media accounts just to promote my fiverr account. I think it will take some time to get what i’m looking for!

I don’t just wait to get orders that will be a stupid decision but the gap between getting order is way too long than it should be.


So which is it, then?

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There is no magic to instant success.
Everyone on Fiverr strive to make as many sales as they can.

Using the buyer requests is definitely a good starting point.
If you deliver, and receive great reviews more orders WILL come.

:bulb: Joe


I think you’re missing my point. Who are your customers? Who do you think will have need or your services? Those are the people you should be promoting to. Unless those people are already your friends on social media, plastering your links indiscriminately on social medial accounts isn’t likely to result in many sales either.

Promoting is great… but you NEED to be promoting to the people that are looking for your services. They are the only people who will make you successful.


hello! dude
i’m kinda newbie here,we are in the similar boat ,don’t get offended ,your lucky somehow ,i got 2 canceled offers,
but i’m going on.

Good Idea. We must promote our fiverr gigs outside the fiverr world. It will help us for sure.

Are you just saying that to agree with me… or are you actually going to do it? :wink:


This’ all very helpful, but what about those of us who have no other places to promote? That is, I DO have facebook and twitter accounts and a blog, but my “followers” really don’t do anything with stuff I promote. I post stuff for my band and get very few clicks; I’ve been promoting my knitting business, etc, and nobody bothers. Ditto with my LinkedIn account. And I don’t even know if **any**one follows my blog. I’ve also posted to Reverbnation and SoundCloud, but I don’t know that those are helping me out, either. In sum, I post like mad, but am basically ignored.

I really just don’t have a place where I can post a link and crowds will follow. Not everyone has a base of “fans” that will happily click our links.

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Unless your “base of fans” – or social media friends and followers – are also your target customers, then you shouldn’t be marketing to them. Figure out who your customers are. CUSTOMERS. For most people, social media friends are NOT target customers.

Don’t expect your social media followers to be the ones who drive your success. Plastering untargeted links all over social media, and calling that marketing is the furthest from marketing that you can get. Figure out who your customers are. For most people, they are NOT already tapped into that group of people.

EXAMPLE: If you sell hamburgers, go where the hungry people are. If you sell gasoline, build a gas station next to a highway. If you sell shirts, go where people are looking for clothes to wear.

Look for your customers, not your social medial friends. Your customers are the only people who will make you successful.


Thank you SO much for that! I’ve always majorly sucked at marketing, but that totally makes sense…Now I just have to figure out just where to go. And since I’m currently unemployed, I have nothing but time. :slight_smile:


That’s the spirit! Good luck!

i agree to this emmaki

You can also use the “Buffer” app to post to all social media accounts by just a single click.