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No clicks on my Fiverr account again

Please help I no longer get clicks on my Fiverr account ever since I increased my price. I opened my Fiverr account may. I got my first order after two weeks. Now that I increased my price I no longer get clicks. Please can someone help check my gig out to tell me what I am doing wrong. Thank you


Did you also add the video at the time? You might want to pick a different frame to be your thumbnail.

No a video was already there at the time I changed the price.

A higher price is fine, but you need to make your gig look better.

This is what people see when your gig shows up in search:


The last frame of the video would look better.

Oh really I never knew that is what shows up as the thumbnail. Cause sometimes when I search for cosmetic formulation on the normal Fiverr search button the thumbnail that normally shows is the second slide. Nevertheless, thank you so much. I appreciate🙏. I will try to rectify it.

You can always check your gig(s) from your profile. It’s a good indication of how they’ll show up in the search results.

Need to attractive thumbnails. it’s help get click

Ok I will do that. Thank you

I will try get it done. Thank you. :bowing_woman:

Congrats on the first order BTW.

I noticed that your account is new (3 months)
It can take some time for your gig to start building up momentum.

As you continue to have successful orders and start growing your reviews, your gigs will become more visible.

Keep up the great work, keep improving your gigs and your business will grow.
Good luck!

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Thank you so much for this encouraging words. You just lit up my day. Thank you

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You could select the video thumbnail you want displayed on your gig.

Ok. Thank you jay6. I will do that

Hello! How is this done though?

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It’s a very helpfull for me, I have’nt no idea about it before. Thanks @rahela and @imagination7413

In your gig, select the “edit gig” option.
Under the gallery tab, you can see the uploaded video.

There should be a pencil button to edit your video.
Play the video up to the point that you would like posted as the thumbnail and then confirm that by clicking the submit button.

This will set up your gig with a new and more appropriate thumbnail.


Wow. Thank you for this.

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thank your :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: