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No clicks or order

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I joined Fiverr since December 2018 and have created 7 gigs, but I noticed in my gig statistics that I have just 2 clicks on one of my gig and haven’t gotten any order since on any of them.
Please what do I need to do to start getting orders? Thanks



This not like that, you create a gig and the order comes automatically. Fiverr does not give you order, you have to find order. So how you can find the order.? You should resource about how you can make your gig more professional. Have to send buyer request, have to promote yourself, and so now. There are so many articles in Fiverr. Read them how you can improve your gig. Improve your skills and so on. Do not lose hope.

Thank you.


@nayan_das Thank you so much. I have sent 59 buyer request but got no order. But I will continue to try. I will do as you advised. Thanks

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There are many problems like this, you will try to do some more marketing of your account.


Welcome to the community @charryty. Stay more and more time active. Best wishes :smiley:

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@vectorcloud Thank you.

This is also happening to me… I got lots of impressions and clicks

Active maximum Time… Send buyer request every day

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Stay more and more active time . :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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Don’t worry, I’ve sent 100+ offers in response to buyer requests and got only 1 order from that section :stuck_out_tongue: it is THAT hard to get an order from there, but keep trying!


Thanks. I will keep on trying.

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Hope you will get an order soon.Keep patience & Wish you all the best. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Don’t lose hope. Just trust the algorithm and keep working hard!

hi i linked to few tips on how to land your new orderes ! GET YOUR FISRT ORDER ! 3 tips from level 2 seller ! <<<

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Thanks. I hope so too.

Make your gig eye catchy and more presentable to clients and promote to boost up. Send buyer request by reading carefully buyer requirements and write effective cover letter.

Hope it might help you.

be patience, any day you will get orders
during try to remain online how u can and learn new softwares to increase your skill.

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