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No clicks or orders

hello everyone!
I am getting impressions on my gigs but no clicks or orders. How do I improve?
kindly view my gigs and guide me.


First, you need to move your topic to category where it is allowed to share your Gigs links.

These are “My Fiverr Gigs” or “Improve My Gig”.

I´ll be honest with you and dare to say the reason of no clicks on your Gigs is quality of Gig´s images. This will likely never work…

image image

You may want to check your category for inspiration or hire someone to create it for you.


I am also getting impressions on my gigs but no clicks or orders.


i really appretiate you telling me about the in\mage, i know it ofcourse. i need help in finding it. can.t find image is of appropriate size.


Use a quality image that clearly shows what services you are providing. Try to use 3 images at least. Write a professional description and be loyal. Do not use any template. Perfectly research your related keywords. Maybe It will help you to stand out.


good luck my friend …


Thanks. just asking for improvement…do I need to change the description? is it lacking something?


hey guys! I updated my gig images. what do you think about them now. kindly view and review.


I´d say much better now. :+1:t2:

But still, the both Gigs would probably need secondary images showing styling, samples,etc imo.

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What software do you use?

Probably has something to do with the spelling mistakes in the gig images, I wouldn’t want someone to write my cover letter for my “dream job” who makes simple mistakes like these -


thanx for pointing it out. please check again

Well, what does trendy CV mean, how does it look like? This is what you offer in your resume Gig.

So why don´t you show a sample of trendy CV in Gig´s images?

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Hello, I have been working on fiverr for about 1 years now, and I had a sufficient flow of clients. But in the last couple of months, something went wrong. There are no orders at all. Could someone tell me what could be the reason? I will be very thankful, as Im a bit lost on selling.


Same here for last four days :frowning:

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Same problem. getting more impressions but No clicks or orders. i think we should be patient. Thank You.


Same here only impression no order :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Same here only impression no order :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

do you guys get orders like , every day?

If offering to draft professional letters for buyers, you need to be extremely careful that your grammar and spelling are accurate.

For example, your profile contains the words:

‘I am not amatuer’

Amateur is misspelled.

You also add, ‘I will provide my services to the best in negotiatable’

Negotiable is misspelled.

You have to do more than state that you can do X. In having misspellings of key words, you are not walking the walk… you’re talking the talk. :slight_smile: Take lots of time preparing your profile as well as your gigs. If your presentation of yourself isn’t flawless, how can buyers have trust in the gig’s quality?