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No Clicks/Views

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen out there, I hope everyone is having a good time out there.
Recently I am getting good impressions on 1 of my gigs,(7k in the last 7 days) but the problem is I only got 200 clicks, I have a good gig image. Don’t know what’s the reason behind so less number of views. Any help will be highly appriciated. Thank-you


try to improve your gigs and post on forums regularly. @tehzeebkazmi


Thanks for your reply. Can you please explain me what are benefits of posting in forums

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Promote your gigs social media networks and your clicks/views will increase.

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permote your gigs on social media…

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Wait with patient hope you will get success @tehzeebkazmi


mostly orders you get comes from posting on forums can number of clicks also increase

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I know you have a good image. try to create more good and attractive image and try to a good video. This way you can more view and clicks.

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Make sure to check and respond to the buyers request section too. These clicks will add to your analytics.

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