No clients after I received 1st level


Dear friends, after reaching the first level people stopped writing to me even though I have 8 gigs.I tried to add new videos, and pics, couple people wrote but they were not serious and only last one ordered a video for only 5$.

Why it’s like this - the gig that was so popular presentations, nobody writes to me lol

What should I do? Or it’s fiverr policy?


I get constant knocks !
Its a rumour i believe


Suggest you take time to read through the forum for how to get orders using Buyer Requests and promoting your gigs. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


What do you mean? What rumors?


Funny part I do it lol


I’m confused! Rumours?


what i meant by “rumours” is there is nothing like if you are upgraded to level 1 then you get less orders


I see, just experiencing this strange thing.


@zouzou18 I have experienced this too. It’s strange. If onliy I could work out the perfect system for Fiverr…


What did you do to make better the situation?


I haven’t found the answer…


So you are still struggling?


Yes but at the moment I am struggling becuse one of my orders was classed as late when I had to make modifications for the seller.