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No Clients Since last month?

Hello Fiverr Communtiy, I am facing problems since last month. I am newbie , almost month ago when i create my gigs i got order within two, three days but since that i am not getting order. Well during last 15 days of december i was reading someone’s post here, he explained that almost whole December month is holydays month so that’s why we are not gettng orders (may be), but now still i am not getting order and moreover there are just 3-5 buyers offer i see in whole day and from last three days one buyer request show per day, Could anyone explain why it is happening to me ?


Hello bro i have seen your problem. During December to March is their vacation time. So you can’t get any buyer or more buyer. Because i am also a lavel 1 seller. So now i have no work now. Because I have faced such this timeSo don’t worry you will definetely get order after their vacation time.


Let’s hope for the best brother :heart: :heart:

Thank you! Be patience

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