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No clue, about where can i find people who want to get some job done


I’ve no clue whatsoever, with the new FIVERR completely taking over the old version, wherein we the Sellers were able to see new people looking for some kind of job and then send them our proposal for one or more gig.

but now s of today the old fiverr completely goes offline and the famous SUGGESTION BOX, where ll those “who re looking to get some job done” used to appear. I don’t know where can i find that thing so that i can still be able to send proposals and sell my gig…

pl help me with this fiverr experts :slight_smile:


aaah. thanks for telling me about the levels grid structure dear that’s what the dilemma is, i found the buyer request link like an hour later when i had posted my question over here in the community but am upset since i just have 71% of profile rating and fiverr isn’t letting me make new offers… could you suggest me something for that.