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No communication from buyer


Hi all,

I’m a newbie here at Fiverr and recently got my first gig. Needless to say I was very excited! I finished and sent out the illustration as per the buyers request and did that on time. I was waiting to hear feedback from the buyer but nothing. I sent out 2 emails and got no response. Is this something that happens usually? I was paid for the illustration after having to wait for more than 10 days to clear but again that was not the issue. I do not know why there hasnt been any feedback at all. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance


Buyers do not have to leave feedback, it is optional and they have up to 30 days (as I recall) to do so.
I have found that roughly 1 in 3 buyers do not leave feedback/reviews. Despite trying various methods of encouraging them to give me a review, this ratio never changed so I don’t even ask any more - they will leave a review if they want to.
It’s a pity they haven’t as your first reviews are very valuable but I doubt you have done anything wrong as such.


In addition to what Eoin said, remember not to send too many messages to the buyer when asking for a review, otherwise you might annoy the buyer and get a lower rating than you deserve.


Thanks, made me feel better. Ironically I finally got a response today and my first rating.


Thanks for the advice. I sent only 2 then waited. Today I finally got my review and a message.


Great review. Best wishes for your success!


One out of three (not responding) has been my experience, also. I have several repeat customers who have never communicated with me - ever. They leave the order, I fill it, and that’s the last I hear from them. I assume they’re satisfied with the product since they return repeatedly. To each his own.


Yeah, I find most buyers who resell work don’t leave reviews which makes sense.


Thanks everyone! Your responses really helped a lot! Happy New Year to everyone!!!


This is actually the first of many. As you go on you will find even buyers who will order without telling you what they want and they still expect you to deliver… There was one particular buyer who ordered my service then disappeared for 2 weeks. CS cancelled the order then out of nowhere I get a message from the buyer asking me whether I had delivered her order. I simply told her. “Sorry but USPS don’t offer tracking for parcels under 100$, the parcel might have been lost while on transit”