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No communication from seller

I am sad to report that I have just had a fairly bad experience from what I would have considered an experienced seller. But however, the order was late and then a dispute was raised without a single message from the seller to talk through and possibly resolve the gig.

Their reasoning was that my requirements for advertising my gig through their Twitter wasn’t compatible with their audience. Fine, no issue there. However, 2+ days had passed since I placed the order and no communication was instigated after I submitted the requirements. Now that part, poor form. There was no attempt to change things to resolve the situation, possibly the tweet could have been changed to be more suitable. But nay, just a straight cancellation request.

I know the seller is a regular on the forums and of course I wouldn’t name names but very disappointed that I know they would have suggested that communication is key and trying to resolve an order is better than straight up refusing to do what was in the requirements.

Sad, disappointed and feel like my time had been wasted. From one seller to another, you have let both yourself and me down. :frowning:


Bad experience with professional :no_mouth:


If it’s not compatible with their audience they maybe they didn’t see a way of changing it into something that’d be valuable to their audience.

It’s hard to build an audience and if you start posting things that are of no interest to them they will probably unfollow you, which would decrease its value.

But yes, I can see how the lack of communication would be pretty frustrating, specially in this case and I think you gave just enough away that most regulars would make who the seller was.

Brush it off and find a new seller!


wouldn’t a cancellation bugger her profile?


I understand that and have no gripe in that sense. As you say, it was the communication that annoyed me. Why wait 2 days if you knew you wouldn’t be fulfilling the order.

My thoughts exactly, why take a hit on your stats without even considering some communication and possibly adjusting the requirements.

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This might be the case, but did you reach out to them before placing an order?

If you think about it, if they have a Twitter account linked to their own Fiverr profile or brand persona, their target market isn’t likely other Fiverr sellers. Promoting other sellers could also undermine their credibility.

As for 2-days passing, this again comes down to prior seller communication. Anyone who says they have a strict regimen in place where they can check all order details as they come in is lying. It is nice to think that sellers can look at every order as it comes in and engage in dialogue with buyers, but they could be busy, or in a different timezone, etc.

Well, let’s be real; here, you have pretty much ruled out that the regular you are talking about sells spells, writing, translation work, or video work. As there are only a maximum of 10 self-aware sellers on the forum at any one moment, I’d say that some might find it easy to deduce who you might be talking about.

Yeah… That’s just passive-aggressive and not appropriate at all. There are always two sides to a story and you are boxing your seller into a corner here.

I have bought from people on this forum who let me down and people on this forum have bought from me, only for me to let them down. None of us ever aired our dirty washing in public, though. :frowning:


I submitted my requirements, they had 2 days to deliver the gig, this didn’t happen with no communication. I shouldn’t have to poke the seller to respond to me. I assumed radio silence meant all was good.

Deduce away, I haven’t named names and I won’t confirm nor deny who it was. I am just expressing my Fiverr experience. I thought it relevant to include that they regularly posted on here as what they have done completely undermines the advice they give out to other people.

I think it’s entirely appropriate. They let me down and let their own stats down. It’s not aggressive whatsoever. They didn’t do themselves or me a service.

I think it would be useful for other newer sellers to see this from a buyer’s perspective. How frustrating and annoying a lack of communication is when this was the outcome. Surely by keeping it to myself wouldn’t help anyone, by showing a situation from this point of view it might encourage people to improve their communication on orders, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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To add: is this not what 90% of the forums consists of. People annoyed at buyers, the difference here is it’s the other way round, the buyer annoyed at the seller.


And know you completely gave it away. It won’t take a regular to find out who that was. Not sure if that cannot be perceived as naming and shaming as well. Maybe you should take it to private to avoid unnecessary friction?

I’m actually do agree with your post, just not sure if that’s the best way to handle it going forward.

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I have edited that section out as I don’t actually want to name names or have people deduce who it is. That was never my intention. But my point still stands that I think I should note they are a regular on here due to them dishing out advice that they should be taking themselves


Put a clog in it. You wanted to make them feel bad/possibly humiliate them, it’s as simple as that.

I’m pretty sure I know the seller you are talking about. I once messaged them to ask if they would be happy with a similar kind of me/freelance platform promotion post. They told me then that they would have to think about it because it involved Fiverr and might not be suitable for their audience.

In that case, they did say that they would be happy to work with me. However, I then felt bad, as I never ended up working with them. They could have easily came here as a result and called me out as a time waster.

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. It’s as simple as that.

As I have said before, I’m not offended they didn’t want to work with me at all. Instead I am offended by their actions (or lack of) to resolve the situation. Had a message being sent saying sorry I can’t do that due to this or that. That’s fine. It was the way the seller waited for the order time to run out and then go through the resolution centre without once messaging me.

Not at all, had I wanted to do that I’d be taking screenshots of the cancellation request and naming them. As above, my intention was never to name names, just share my Fiverr experience with the community.


when you got the cancel request, couldn’t you have asked if there was a better solution then? i thought she’d gone through CS and that was the issue

also, did you say the delivery was late when it was cancelled?

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I did, initially I declined the cancellation request asking if we could work something out, they flat out refused via another order cancellation request. I took that as a sign they weren’t interested in communicating with me so then accepted it.


Yes the deadline had just passed, the cancellation request came in an hour after the delivery time.

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That is upsetting. However, they could have just had both their arms torn off by a rabid alligator AND have Coronavirus (meaning they can’t type with their nose like normal people when these things happen.

Or they could have just been super busy, got to your order, and thought "Oh :poop:, how do I word this rejection without sounding like an unprofessional mek-sell?"

Just message your seller in advance next time and things will likely work out smoother.

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I won’t comment on exactly how many orders they had in the queue but it certainly wasn’t enough for me to believe they were swamped with work. I feel this could have been the reason but that they would have had enough time to sort things out before the delivery time. The fact the cancellation came so close to the delivery time made me think that was probably the case. Either way, there was no apology from them. It was all…very blunt.

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I can have 1 order in queue and be swamped with work. I don’t just work on Fiverr and neither do other sellers.

Some people just aren’t the apologizing kind. I’m not. Possibly your seller is also a sociopath?. In either case, you will just have to let it go.

Maybe next time just order from me when you want a marketing consultation. :wink:

Not really. I don’t offer this and people who use Twitter upset me.


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i don’t know if it’s wrong that i’m generally concerned for her sometimes. she probably forgot to cancel before and got annoyed with herself. if this was someone else she’d probably be on your side and say the seller was awefull

anyway, look at the time <.< lets play a game and see if we can not make this any worse then need be? i’m going to try and have some pleasant lemur dreams i dunno about anyone else

i’ve never had a twitter account :slight_smile:

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Out of office, limited order queues and the Fiverr mobile app. All of these features allows sellers to stop being swamped before it becomes an issue. I would have thought as they are an experienced seller they would have had that one covered.

I certainly agree. They would be one of the voices agreeing here. I think a mistake has been made, I hope this topic doesn’t lead to upset, rather a lesson for all sellers to give some consideration to how their communication comes across.
Maybe make it a priority to check new orders as they come in. If you get swamped with orders it’s probably best to make sure those are orders you can fulfill instead of one’s you have to cancel and then potentially lose other work from a full order queue.

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